Team / LaVonna Findley

Secretary – Three Year Term

I am currently employed by Cerner Corporation.  I have worked here for 5 years, prior to that I worked at Saint Joseph Hospital (Kansas City, Mo.) for 17 years.  I have worked in the pharmacy or pharmacy related field for approximately 25 years.

I have been involved in the FirstHand foundation at Cerner and have helped with many of the events that we have each year.    

In my current position with Cerner I am a Senior Consultant.  I meet with and help new or current clients stream line their workflows and help them to customize the Cerner pharmacy software and all of its integration points with other ancillary departments.  I have very good people skills,  very organized and have a great attention to detail.

I am a survivor of ovarian cancer for 8 years.  I feel that the education of men and women is very important.  I feel that so many more people could be saved with education and awareness.  What the foundation does plays a very vital role in the research, education and awareness of this disease.